Unlocking Electrical Secrets: Voltage Symbols & Units Explained

Which Symbol And Unit of Measurement are Used for Voltage?

Voltage is a key concept in electricity. It is important to know its symbol and unit. This article will explain both in simple terms.

What is Voltage?

Voltage is the electrical force that makes electrons move. It is like the pressure that pushes water through a pipe.

Symbol of Voltage

The symbol for voltage is V. This symbol is used in equations and diagrams.

Unit of Measurement for Voltage

The unit of measurement for voltage is the volt. The abbreviation for volt is also V.

Why Is It Called Volt?

The volt is named after Alessandro Volta. He was an Italian scientist who invented the battery.

Table of Voltage Units

There are different ways to measure voltage. Here is a table showing some common units:

Unit Symbol Equivalent in Volts
Millivolt mV 0.001 V
Kilovolt kV 1000 V
Megavolt MV 1,000,000 V
Unlocking Electrical Secrets: Voltage Symbols & Units Explained

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How to Measure Voltage

You can measure voltage with a device called a multimeter. A multimeter has two probes. You touch these probes to different parts of a circuit.

Steps To Measure Voltage

  1. Turn on the multimeter.
  2. Set it to measure voltage (V).
  3. Touch the probes to the points in the circuit.
  4. Read the voltage on the screen.
Unlocking Electrical Secrets: Voltage Symbols & Units Explained

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Applications of Voltage

Voltage is used in many devices. Here are some examples:

  • Electric lights
  • Computers
  • Mobile phones
  • Televisions

All these devices need voltage to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Symbol For Voltage?

The symbol for voltage is “V”.

What Unit Measures Voltage?

Voltage is measured in volts.

How Is Voltage Represented In Circuits?

Voltage is represented by the letter “V” in circuits.

What Does “v” Stand For In Voltage?

“V” stands for volts in voltage measurement.


In summary, the symbol for voltage is V. The unit of measurement is also volt (V). Understanding voltage is essential for working with electrical devices.

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